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Designed for all Real Estate Builders, Developers, Agents and Brokers


The resources, needs and challenges of smaller businesses differ greatly from larger organizations. Backed by 16 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a SaaS CRM platform for small and medium real estate organizations.
Our ERP solutions have helped clients all over the world, boost productivity, enhance efficiency, and increase sales and customer satisfaction. Our Real Estate CRM software for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) is developed for users, to address their unique requirements.

The Real Estate SaaS product is made for SMEs looking for a cost-effective solution that can meet all their fundamental business needs. As such, our SaaS for Real Estate SMEs is the ideal automation solution.
The CRM product for SMEs in the real estate sector enables a cost-effective solution to automate manual sales and marketing tasks, which lead to greater and faster lead conversions. The low investment and high functionality are ideal for SMEs looking for low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). If you are a real estate builder, developer, agent or broker, our SaaS-based CRM for real estate SMEs is an ideal choice for you.

Pre Sales

Track all pre-sales activities and campaign performance.
  • Define sales area, basic and floor rise rates.
  • Record project, payment installments and unit details.
  • Graphically view the status of all units.
  • Define additional charges such as maintenance and parking.
  • Track sales person activities.
  • Add channel partners.
  • Assign dialer lists.
  • Manage tele calling source enquiries.
  • Add notes to follow-ups.
  • Monitor stages of prospects and leads.
  • Check unit cost estimations.
  • View daily and performance reports.

Sales Management

Manage documentation and nurture customer relationships.
  • Graphically view all due payments, unit-wise.
  • Track status of work completion.
  • Create informative customer profiles.
  • Print installment letters and receipts.
  • Set up follow-up reminders and notes.
  • Allot and track status of car parking.
  • Manage cancellation and transfer of units.
  • Track mortgage details and loan status.
  • Record unit possession information.
  • Check interest on late payments.
  • Prioritize and resolve customer complaints.
  • Generate status reports.

Get started with just three simple steps!

Fill out the enquiry form and register your organization on the website easily with OTP authentication.

We will send a detailed quotation followed by a purchase order to your registered email ID.

Complete your payment via the simplified payment gateway, secure your receipt voucher, and our support team will initiate the onboarding for you!

Cost Effective Packages.

Our SME Products have been designed for providing maximum bang for the buck.

Pre sales and Lead Generation
per user per month
  • Pre-Sales Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Enquiry Management
  • Lead Nurturing
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Sales Automation & Post Sales
per user per month
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Documentation Automation
  • Customer Records
  • Payment Schedules
  • Invoice and Receipts Management
  • Unit Allocation
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  • Complete Media Integration
  • Tally Integration
  • Click-to-call (Inbound)
  • Click-to-call (Outbound)
  • Customer App
  • Channel Partner
  • E-File Management
  • Chatbot (AI & ML powered)
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No, there is no minimum user requirement. You can buy our SaaS product with as low as one user at Rs. 1499/ month.

  1. Select the package (on this page) you are interested in
  2. Click on “Get Started”. Fill user details, which will be verified via OTP
  3. Select the modules and specify the quantity you would like to buy
  4. Provide an email ID to receive the proposal instantly. Read it.
  5. Fill in all the company details. Your Purchase Order will be generated
  6. Read the PO. You may download it for safekeeping
  7. At the bottom, click on “Pay Now” to make the payment
  8. Receive a “Transaction Successful” message
  9. Check your registered email for a confirmation from us
  10. Now you can create your Cloud Company Code
  11. We will email your user ID and password along with the invoice

The SaaS CRM is developed specifically for builders, developers, agents, brokers and other business executives working in the real estate sector.

It is a subscription-based service that is centrally hosted.

AutonomousERP is automatically scalable on-demand. You will need to mention the number of users, modules and add-ons, if any.

Yes, we have API integrations with the most widely third-party applications and devices/ equipment to form an IoT network.

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