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Increased visibility into your business combined with real-time reports is a powerful feature that empowers you and your employees. Leverage smart automation tools to optimize time and resources, create data-driven strategies, and plan for contingencies.
Our investment in people is a vital part of our R&D edge.


Compatible with Linux, iOS and Windows

Mobile Apps

Compatible with iOS and Android

Why Choose Autonomous ERP?

ERP for Small and Medium Businesses

Real Estate CRM SaaS

Real estate client management is made easy with AutonomousERP SaaS CRM. Route, segment, prioritize and analyze customer insights. Never miss an opportunity for personalization. Increase lead conversions and accomplish more unit bookings. Sales and marketing automation for small and medium sized real estate businesses.

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SaaS HR & Payroll

AutonomousERP SaaS HR empowers you with the tools to in turn empower your most valuable resource- your workforce! Simplify the management of the entire lifecycle of an employee. Effective employee engagement, tracking performance metrics, calculating payroll and automating compliance, Human Resource and Payroll Management SaaS does it all!

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Why Choose AutonomousERP SaaS?

We believe every business, whether small or large should be able to leverage the latest technology, to gain a competitive edge. No enterprise should rely on manual or redundant systems to run their day-to-day tasks.
Our SaaS products allow automation of process workflows in addition to integrations with third-party applications, programs and devices in order to create a boundaryless business model.

The ready-to-use software can be deployed quickly, backed by training and implementation support.


A SaaS model offers a comparatively lower cost of ownership by eliminating additional infrastructure costs.


The power of an enterprise-level, scalable and integrated ERP software is available anytime, anywhere.